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10 June 2024



Mission goal: obtain patents for all balds!
Area of ​​operation: Lokal 32 Bulderownia
Operating time: June 21, 2024 (Friday) 6 PM – 12 PM

Special agents: Tomasz Kruz and Lara Karo Croft <3 Come to the next edition of our bouldering meeting!

Never been to a bouldering event? – reach the next level of initiation with us.

Are you new to climbing? – this mission is for you!

No longer a recruit? – new challenges from the top of the difficulty scale are waiting for you.

We will prepare a set of boulders for beginners and intermediate climbers, plus a few more difficult ones (levels 1-7). We focus on the topic! Easy does not mean boring, our reliable team of routesetters will provide you with top-class boulders at every difficulty level!

There will be characteristic boulder specialties, movie bangers and jokers in levels 4, 5 and 6.

Does it happen that you don’t stick to your movements? This is MISSION POSSIBLE! – nothing is impossible 😉 Local instructors will be on site ready to help. Who knows, maybe you’ll achieve a personal moutain peak!

Additional attractions: Live music, Spike Volleyball, climbing games and challenges with WhiteOak products.

There will also be two grills at your disposal, so bring with yourself something to put on it. During the afterparty, we will play a FLANKI tournament – start assembling strong team 😛

Together with our partners, we are preparing a bag of prizes that we will draw among all meeting participants.

Division into groups:

6 PM – 8 PM 1st Group

8 PM – 8:30 PM break, competitions in the garden in front of the Lokal

8:30 PM – 10:30 PM 2nd Group

Sign up today, places are limited!

Link to registration:

Event website:

The wall on this day is only available to event participants.

ENTRY PLN 45 (payment on the day of the event at the reception by card or cash on the day of the event)

Sports cards (MULTISPORTS, Medicover) and season tickets (Lokal cards) are not valid on this day.

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