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9 May 2022

Yoga for climbers

Hip mobility Yoga workouts for climbers. Run by Yoga instructor Emilia Jaworska
11.05.2022 (Wednesday) at 18:00

Your hips are so stiff it is hard to climb sometimes? You envy people who effortlessly put their feet as far or high as they want? You often say that climbing pants are too tight to excuse yourself?
Well there is a solution 🙂
During Yoga for climbers we will move through sequences and positions that will allow you hips to stretch and relax with will improve your motor skills.
What will you gain by joining workouts?
👉 better motor skills
👉 hip mobility
👉 balance and coordination
👉 core stabilization
👉 muscle strengthening
👉 breathing techniques that allow to relax and oxygenate your body
WHEN: 11 May (Wednesday) at 18:00
BOOKING: Lokal32’s reception, phone +48 798 569 559
Come and check how Yoga can change your climbing ability!
Emilia Jaworska
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