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Climbing gear rental

All you need for first time are a comfy sports outfit, chalk and a pair of trainers. If you want to try climbing shoes you can hire them at the reception. These are snug-fitting, rubber coated, and allow you to get purchase on small footholds, making climbing much easier. They should be snug, but not painful – if your feet have lots of space to move around inside them, they won’t work particularly well. However, if you’re in pain, you won’t have any fun – try to fit them well.

You should also use climbing chalk. It is important for your comfort as well as other climbers. Hands during climbing are getting sweaty and chalk remove moisture which improve your grip and left holds cleaner for next climbers. You can hire it at reception.

For prices click here.

If you are looking for crash pad rental please follow our other boulder gym website, Groto.


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