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17 February 2024

Grande Lokale – bouldering comps

Grande Lokale - boulder fusion!
Lokal 32 and Bulderownia Groto invite you to the first double-wall bouldering contest in Wroclaw! The combination of modern, Lokal's style and the atmosphere of Groto will give versatile qualis and thrilling finals like never before in this city..

At Lokal 32 you can expect 40 qualification boulders, all range of difficulty. From easy ones, level 1, for people who have just started their climbing adventure and just wanna have fun, to really hard challenges, on which the best ones will take their battle for finals. The exceptionality of the boulders will be secured by our residents, hand in hand with the Guestsetter team, led by the one and only Olo Romanowski!
In the evening, the lights fade at Groto and best of the best will show their skills and strength in the Grande Finale.
In a special formula, up to 10 women and 10 men will be competing against each other.
After the finals, we won’t let the excitement vanish by starting our legendary afterparty!
>2 days- 7 qualification groups, 2:15h of climbing per group
>40 specially designed boulders
>top routesetters
>the best DJs in town
>exciting finals in the new KO (Knockout) formula
>unforgettable afterparty
1st place- PLN 800 + prizes from sponsors
2nd place- 500 PLN + prizes from sponsors
3rd place- PLN 300 + prizes from sponsors
In addition, we will be raffling off many valuable prizes among the participants after each elimination group.

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