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28 April 2023

Bouldering course

Here it is! Short course for absolute beginners! 😁
Start - 16.05(Tuesday) at 18:00
Run by: Magda Półtorak
Booking: phone +48 798 569 559
If you dream of your own bouldering adventure but still don't know how to start check here!

🔹 4 meetings in 14 days (Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:00 – 19:30)
🔹 Level absolute basic : safety rules, elementary bouldering knowledge , bouldering savoir vivre
🔹 specific warm up for climbing, basic climbing techniques, tricks
🔹 some tips from climbing training – specific exercises to improve climbing skills, stretching etc.
🔹 a lot of practical climbing knowledge – difficulty scale and boulder marking, first climbing shoes issue, climbing slang
If you want to join climbing community but:

  • don’t have anyone who can invite you in,
  • don’t want to feel an outsider
  • you would like to meet people at the same basic level

This course is for you!

Cost for course 250 PLN/190*PLN

*price with sport card

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